How to backup and restore records from an old device to a new device

1. Activate on the old device the iCloud Backup and make a backup if it is not made automatic.
To activate the iCloud Backup, klick on Settings/YourName/iCloud/iCloud Backup

2. Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a backup

How to import a audio file

You can import audio files over iTunes or iCloud.
You can also import from your pc or mac over the iTunes or iCloud clients.

To load and save files local on your phone, tap in the Lexis Audio Editor on Open and “Open from iCloud” and choose the folder “On my iPhone”. For saving tap on Save and “Save in iCloud” and choose the folder “On my iPhone”.

Effects are gray

Please define a selection to apply the functions. (Round buttons upstairs of the curve)
See the tutorial at Define a selection

Are all functions in the free version available?

All effects are in the free version available. Please define a selection for this. (Round buttons)
In the free version you can save in the flac, wav, m4a, aac and wma format.
Choose one of this formats in the filepicker.

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